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the primary two elements are the principle theoretical analysis of the mannequin, i.e., the modeling, evaluation and verification of the mannequin, and the modeling of the management mannequin, i., the development and calibration of the mannequin. then, the modeling and evaluation of the sensible utility of the mannequin. lastly, the modeling of the management system and the design and calibration of the management mannequin, and the design of the management system. lastly, the evaluation of the human-machine interactive management. thus, on this work, the management mannequin based mostly on the mannequin was established, the management algorithm was designed and the management experiment was carried out. the outcomes present that the mannequin has excessive accuracy, good stability, good robustness and excessive effectivity, and the human-machine interactive management of the mannequin can guarantee good stability and security of the mannequin. subsequently, it may be used within the precise management of the management mannequin within the distant management of the uav.

with the intention to make sure the rationality of panorama design, it’s of nice sensible significance to simulate the planning impact. aiming on the issues of two conventional panorama planning impact simulation programs, a brand new panorama planning impact simulation system was designed based mostly on digital actuality expertise. the general framework of the system consists of person layer, utility layer and show layer. in keeping with the system body construction, {hardware} resembling acquisition tools, major management tools, output and show tools are chosen; in keeping with the system framework construction, the system software program is designed to run the principle program. as well as, this paper additionally based mostly on 3d picture processing expertise panorama design system. within the design course of, 3d panorama picture will be preprocessed to take away noise data and redundant data, and 3d panorama picture function enhancement technique is used to understand 3d panorama picture function enhancement and enhance the readability of panorama design picture. mixed with the instance of backyard inexperienced area, in keeping with the parametric plant modeling technique, the morphological construction parameters of inexperienced vegetation are obtained, and the three-dimensional fashions of assorted plant modeling are established; the foundations of parametric description of plant spatial structure are adopted, based mostly on the open scene graph rendering engine, and the oculus rift digital actuality tools is built-in to understand the digital building and show of three-dimensional backyard vegetation panorama. the outcomes present that the design impact of the system could be very clear and of fine high quality.

panorama sample is broadly utilized in theoretical research to clarify the geographic distribution of vitality consumption and socio-economical points. it’s nonetheless obligatory for the sensible utility of them. the examine of panorama sample within the brazilian web site of suzhou metropolis beneath the environmental safety plan was carried out in 2014. the info of each panorama sample and historic vitality consumption have been used. in keeping with the grass cowl index (gci) (2), the slope, and the disturbance in panorama sample, 5 areas have been divided into six teams. the connection between panorama sample and vitality consumption was obtained utilizing the poisson regression, by which the whole vitality consumption of suzhou metropolis within the new district and town with the gradual restoration of the grassland space was investigated. the outcomes indicated that the gci and slope have been strongly correlated with vitality consumption, however the disturbance within the space solely accounted for a small proportion within the outcomes. the examine means that within the examine space, the restoration of grassland may considerably scale back vitality consumption. for the cities or areas with much less developed grassland, the analysis supplied preliminary outcomes and references for the strategic planning of grassland restoration.
the oversupply of business constructing in china will proceed to develop, particularly in cities and the development degree in residential buildings in beijing will probably be increased and quicker, however there are nonetheless plenty of vacant land in beijing. with the intention to obtain a top quality of life within the metropolis, beijing ought to set up an environmental high quality analysis system to keep away from the influence of business constructing and empty land on the setting. from 2000 to 2010, the land use varieties of 3004 websites (within the prefecture of beijing) have been categorised into 6 classes, together with residential, business and workplace, industrial, basic land, sports activities and leisure, and cultural buildings. the land sorts have been recognized by screening pictures based mostly on land use. based mostly on the ratios of the standing of environmental analysis programs and land use land in beijing, the land use sorts in beijing have been categorised into 4 classes: applicable, residential reuse, inappropriate and empty land.