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I must do a 1:1 relationship in a SQL question – do it?

I’ve a desk of such a format:
id | uid | nickname
| 1 | a
| 1 | b
| 1 | c
| 1 | d
| 1 | e
| 2 | f

I must get a column which permits me to determine relationships between these customers, however the issue is that each row is a novel person.
My anticipated output:
id | uid | nickname | rel
| 1 | a | 1
| 1 | b | 1
| 1 | c | 1

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What am i able to accomplish that that my navigation bar doesn’t shrink when i’ve a float:proper nav?

I’ve simply arrange a nav bar with a menu and i have tried to search out out about this downside:
When i added within the nav bar an inventory of hyperlinks, the nav bar shrinks and it appears bizarre.
I would like it to look regular although (i simply desire a menu that goes proper to left and if you click on dissapears and if you click on once more the menu is there once more).
how am i able to do that?


Take away the float: proper, and add text-align: left to your nav. Then add show: inline-block to all hyperlinks.

It’s most likely about time all of us had a speak about the best way youngsters are handled in society, and the place adults match into the image. It’s necessary to comprehend that the phrase “youngsters” is utilized in numerous methods, relying on who you’re addressing and in what context.

For instance, in case you’re speaking to a mother or father who’s younger, and who doesn’t occur to have youngsters, that mother or father might begin referring to their youngsters as youngsters. However in case you