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Java: Seek for distinctive parts in a Record

The objective is to seek out the weather within the checklist which have a number of situations distinctive to the checklist.
I’ve to make use of an iterator, so that may’t be used I suppose.
I’ve to make use of a parallel methodology for this, so for e.g. if now we have:
Record checklist = new ArrayList();

Then the output must be:

HashMap hashMap = new HashMap();
hashMap.put(“apple”, 1);
hashMap.put(“banana”, 2);
hashMap.put(“guava”, 3);
hashMap.put(“orange”, 1);

Then how do I search the checklist for (checklist.comprises(X) for X in hashMap.keySet())
And if it may’t discover the weather then it ought to throw an exception.
The checklist won’t be modified.
Right here is my different try to seek out the distinctive parts.
public static void major(String[] args) {
String[] fruits = {“apple”, “banana”, “guava”, “orange”};
Record checklist = new ArrayList();
// add all fruits to checklist

Map map = new HashMap();

for (String fruit : checklist) {

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